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Beijing Design Week (BJDW) is a governmental supported initiative that, since 2011, has rapidly established itself as a leading international platform dedicated to design in China. It offers an expansive overview of its transforming landscape, while serving as a catalyst, laboratory and incubator for innovative perspectives generating from industry to academia that inspire and shape contemporary design discourse and practice.

Under the creative direction of Beijing-based curator Beatrice Leanza, BJDW 2014 represents a platform that reveals the lively discussion behind the local creative scene. While maintaining its international character, BJDW 2014 puts a stronger focus on its local context becoming a backstage of ongoing creation and discussion. In this sense the launch of this year's brand new projects among which the Plug-In Stations, a film festival program and Design More, a market of designers' brands, respond to the local ecosystem and to the need of giving voice to local creative realities and the process of dealing with local issues and challenges.