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“URBAN BORDER” is premised on the pluralist values of urbanism.

Globally, rapidly developing cities and the drive for urbanization have to aconsiderable extent embodied certain kinds of“mainstream” tendencies and homogeneity: an alternative reading being the disregard or even effacement of urban diversity, differences and specificities. The phenomenon of “border” would at east include the following understandings:sociologically it can imply peripheral spaces of the city, fringe groups, marginal lifestyles; in the context of political science it can refer to regulation of how urban public resources are organized and distributed; and in urban geography it can denote borders and interstices of urban development,as well as the interrelatedness between the  city and natural ecologies.

The 2013 UABB hopes to revolve around the thematic orientation of Urban Border,in order to fully reveal the multiple possibilities of urban culture, urban space and urban living and their associated issues.