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For its 8th edition, Oslo Architecture Triennale invites architects, planners, urban practitioners, academics, artists, activists and others to submit projects, practices and perspectives to contribute to the Triennale mission: creating more sustainable, diverse and thriving neighborhoods.

It is a great honor that our project -- Plugin Architecture has been selected for the 2022 Oslo Architecture Triennale Open Call, and will be presented to an international audience of professionals as well as to the broader public as part of the Triennale in fall 2022. Prior to this the project was launched online from June 9th as part of the Neighbourhood Index website.  The Neighbourhood Index is an international digital index of visionary neighbourhood projects, practices, and perspectives—and forms part of the Triennale program.

Plugin Architecture is a form of practice that argues for a nimble and adaptive architecture ensuring housing is inclusive and accessible.

Plugin Architecture is an approach and a building system creating more diverse and connected communities by providing low cost housing in places where it’s most needed. These are often places where it’s difficult to make improvements or to build in. We do this through a nimble and flexible architecture that responds to change through ad hoc interventions and an adaptive kit of parts developed by People’s Architecture Office (PAO). The use of the word ‘plugin’ refers to its meaning in computing—a component that adds new features, often created by different or unsanctioned authors, to enhance an existing program. Peter Cook’s Plug-In City also serves as a strong influence. But unlike Cook’s megastructure design, PAO’s Plugin Architecture emphasizes the modest act of plugging into found conditions within existing communities and infrastructure.