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Theme: Breakout! ——The plight of survival and extinction of village-city in Shenzhen and Shangwei village construction practice

Idea: Two purposes are placed under this theme, i.e. to explore the sustainable construction of Shangwei Art Tribe and renewal/evolution of village-city in Shenzhen. It contains mechanisms, trade mix and space centering around and related to the core of community building, and involves agendas like environment, society, economy, history, culture and creative solution. The core for building mechanism, space, community and trade mix as advocated in the exhibition is about community communication building and social innovation. The curatorial team will gather the villagers, tenants and the external teachers and students from different fields and social levels through the education platform "Future + People's Intellectual School", and allow them to teach and learn from each other. This will create the desired environment for communication and collaboration and generate the opportunities for job promotion. Most importantly, the villagers will become the main body to preserve and activate their village, history and culture, and together with the tenants, are turned into a creative team of Shangwei Art Tribe.