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Hong Kong


Designed specifically for the K11, Golden Bubbles reflect and exaggerate the movement of people above, below and around. These large golden inflatables span the atrium, weaving between multiple levels and escalators. The objects act as curved mirrors distorting reality by warping the surroundings into one field of view.

The hue of Golden Bubbles references Hong Kong’s irrefutable strength as a global financial capital. In a related manner, the impossibility of such massive metallic objects floating in space denies comprehension. Only until we look beyond the enticing skin do we discover the hollow space within. The public is invited to peer into these inflated objects and examine the kaleidoscope-like interior filled with fleeting images of our projected desires.



Location:Hong Kong

Date of Completion: Mar 2016

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Cui Gangjian, Kim Minkyoung, Xu Xi, Xiang Weixing, Jiang Hao, Zhang Zhen

Photographer:People’s Architecture Office