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Bike Share Farm



Bike Share Farm is a solar-powered planting system on wheels.

Placed atop two interconnected bicycles, this hydroponic farm is cycled from place to place, bringing the experience of urban farming to a wider community. Inspired by bike share systems, the frame of the Bike Share Farm allows for bicycles to be interchangeable. At each stop a new cyclist can attach his bike to the structure, replacing the existing bike.

PIDO designed and built Bike Share Farm during P.O.S.T. HACKATHON, a 72 hour hackathon in Seoul organized by Art Center Nabi. The project addresses the theme “Prototyping of Sharing Eco City with Technology” and invites professionals to generate ideas on urban and ecological issues. Seoul is a massive vertical city with minimal garden space. Mobile farms can make shared urban farming possible in such a dense megacity.

Bike Share Farm

Client:Art Center Nabi


Date of Completion: Nov 2016

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Cui Gangjian, Xu Xi, Xiang Weixing, Xie Jun, Lin Mingkai

Photographer:People's Industrial Design Office