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Shenzhen, Guangdong


The Yubei campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School is a Teng-Nor School project led by Luohu Preliminary Office, and Dongxiao Primary School is also at the same time. Both schools are elementary schools with 18 classes, each can provide 1,600 degrees.

The project is led by China State Construction Technology, and Zhongjian is responsible for the architectural design. It took two months to complete the flash construction from design to construction. The modular box construction system was adopted, and the permanent building standards were upgraded and integrated according to the school building requirements. Various units such as interior decoration, exterior green wall modules, multi-functional interior corridor modules, etc., are quickly assembled on site after high-precision processing in the factory. It has truly realized the high-speed and high-quality construction mode of productized buildings.

The campus site is very small and there is no complete venue for events. The building adopts an enclosed plan layout to maximize the use of the site. The inner revolving corridor is designed as a retreat, and the roof is fully utilized to form a three-dimensional activity space of the roof garden, retreat corridor and inner courtyard as a whole. The school is very close to the surrounding buildings, and the metal mesh green wall increases the privacy of the line of sight while isolating noise to a certain extent.

On September 14, 2020, the Yubei campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School was successfully put into use. And it has been highly praised by the school: the building is simple but full of design, the windmill that rotates in the wind, and the well-designed environment, all show "child-friendly".


Client:China Construction Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Location:Shenzhen, Guangdong

Date of Completion: Sep 2020

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Sha Jinghai, Wen Hao, Kim Dahyun, Zhang Shengyuan

Building Area:3494 sqm

Date of Design:June. 2020