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Shenzhen Nanmendun School

Shenzhen, CN


The site is located in a small hilly terrain, which is integrated with the hills to the north, and is part of the urban geography of Shenzhen. We tried to preserve the height difference of the terrain in the design and recreate the landscape.

The ground floor is raised in accordance with the terrain to form a retreat, and embedded in the staggered inner courtyard to form the interweaving of the retreat landscape and the courtyard. The S-shaped teaching building is divided into 5 small volumes, which are arranged in accordance with the terrain and are placed on stilts on the second floor as a whole to form a complete retreat space. The back terrace overhangs along the street to form a community street space similar to the arcade, which is partially enlarged in the southeast corner to respond to the ancestral hall and civic square in the opposite corner. At the same time, it becomes the entrance of the community college, which is used for time-sharing school library, theatre and community classrooms.

Shenzhen Nanmendun School

Client:Longgang Bureau Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality

Location:Shenzhen, CN

Date of Completion: Oct 2021

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Zhang Meng, Yuan Yingzi, Yang Quanyue, Zhang Jingrui, Huang Jia, Kim Dahyun, Xu Jialing, Qi Ji, Guo Mingran, Luo Qinming