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Learning Landscape



Learning Landscape is a kindergarten with a continuous natural landscape, but also a kindergarten facing the future, which can inspire children to explore and innovate.

The natural education space extends the urban landscape to the campus and forms the natural topography. The cluster buildings are scattered in the landscape, and the undulating continuous roof enhances the landscape integrity; The roof profile follows the changes of the plane and the entrance porch provides a comfortable waiting area for parents.

The school breaks through the traditional determinant layout by organizing the classrooms into groups according to different age stages. The classrooms are divided into 5 groups according to 2 different age groups, and the special classrooms are scattered among them. All classrooms are arranged around a shared space in the atrium. The flexible opening of the boundary allows the teaching space to expand well to suit different scenarios. The continuous landscape of the campus incorporates multiple types of learning Spaces, public and private areas adjacent to each other, and outdoor recreation facilities are integrated into the sloping landscape. Rooftop farms allow children to learn about plants by hand, and play on the rolling terrain can stimulate children's athletic potential.

Learning Landscape

Client:Bureau Education of Fengxian District, Shanghai Municipality


Date of Completion: Jul 2022

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Zhang Meng, Shao Ziyi, Hou Yingqi, Chen Xiangxun, Zhang Huixin, Zhang Tingrui

Project Status:Competition

Date of Design:July, 2022